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Carol Simon Levin is a youth services librarian, author, storyteller and program presenter for audiences of all ages based in Somerset County, NJ.
Whether she is impersonating the woman who helped to build the Brooklyn Bridge, or engaging families in a rousing Halloween Hootenany of songs and stories, expanding on the mathematical and artistic possibilities of a simple square, or sharing the story of a dolphin who learned to swim with an artificial tail (along with activities to help children understand what it is like to live with a disability), she always strives to create exciting programs that engage her audience’s interests and expand their horizons. You are welcome to replicate or use portions of any of these programs. Questions? You can reach me at cslevin59 (at) gmail.com

The programs listed here fall into various categories:

Pre-School Storytimes: A 30-40 minute library program for 2 1/2 - 5 year olds. These often conclude with a short film on DVD (often Weston Woods or the story section of Reading Rainbow.) Sometimes there is a craft instead of the film.

Singalongs: A 30-40 minute program of songs for families (usually have kids 0-8.)

School Age Storytimes:  A 40 minute thematic program of stories for Kindergarten-4th graders presented during the school day at a school.

Story/Craft (School Age): An hour-long after-school, Saturday, or library outreach program combining stories with crafts and activities.

Picture This:  An hour-long art & artist program for K-5th graders presented after-school or for after-school outreach.  Consists of 20-30 minutes of reading and exposition, then a half-hour or so of art-based activities in the style of the artist or movement presented.

Imagination Celebration:  Similar program focusing on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Mathematics.)  Libraries have a great opportunity to introduce kids to the creative side of all these disciplines, particularly as this sometimes gets lost in the "no child left untested" climate in our schools.

Parent-Teacher Workshops: Programs for parents and Pre-School/Primary teachers.  Often a bibliography will be posted.

Librarians and others looking for programs are welcome to use these ideas.  If you need more details or have questions (including providing song tunes), feel free to email cslevin59 (at) gmail.com or 908 361-6519.

Carol Simon Levin is also a professional storyteller and a  member of the New Jersey Storytelling Network njstorynet.org/wpnjstory/carol-simon-levin, the New Jersey Library Association, and the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators.  She specializes in two types of storytelling:

Family Storytelling:   Interactive participatory programs of stories and songs for children and the adults who love and care for them!  A selection of her programs can be found at  http://carolsimonlevin.blogspot.com/p/storytelling.html

Telling HerStories:  http://tellingherstories.wordpress.com/   Impersonations of forgotten women in history accompanied by a slide show of contemporary pictures and images.  Geared for adult or school groups.  


  1. Love your site. Would love to have you as a guest on A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY radio show on Blog Talk Radio. www.worldofinknetwork.com

  2. Can you give me some good ideas for learning names in preschool, infant/toddler groups? Do you recommend a song and/or name tags. I am terrible with names and I am filling in for a couple of librarians at the end of the month, so I won't know any of the children's names. I am thinking name tags would be the easiest for me, but thought I'd ask if you had any other suggestions.

  3. I'm terrible with names as well so I use name tags in all programs and have the child and/or caregiver write them. I also have them write their names on the whiteboard (which doubles as my flannelboard) as they enter. We sing "hello to ..." and each child raises their hand so kids learn each others name and this is also a ECRR2 "writing" activity. The nametag they write (with clipart from the day's theme) also serves as a reminder of what we did when they go home...hope this helps!

  4. I discovered your blog through Storytime Underground today and am excited to start reading more!! Have you seen the new Thrive Thursday http://thrivethursday.wordpress.com/ monthly blog hop - it would be great to see you share a school-age program or two from your blog. The next host as Anne at so tomorrow blog http://www.sotomorrowblog.com/.

  5. I saw your post on H-Net New Jersey about WASP information, but since the overhaul of H-Net, I have had a difficult time getting through. I wrote a proposal on for my graduate degree on the WASPs, and I have some wonderful links if you are interested. The best way to contact me is mergie21@hotmail.com.


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