Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cat in the Hat Party

The Cat in the Hat is 60 years young this year and we're celebrating with all things Seussical! Fans of all ages are welcome to join us for stories, crafts, and games galore.
Music playing as children arrive: album “Seussical”
Greeted the children dressed in a Cat in the Hat Costume (Black pants & shirt, famous hat, white bib & bowtie, black fake-fur tail)
As kids arriving: had a table with nametags for them to fill out (helps with crowd control) and a table with Ellison die-cut “Cat in the Hat” hats (red hats, long white cardstock for headbands, white strips for gluing on hats, scissors & gluesticks) so each could make own hat for the program. Then directed them to two other stations:
  • “Cat in the Hat” paper bag puppets
  • Seuss-inspired imaginary creatures – 2D or 3D (supplies: toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, feathers, pom poms, construction paper, googly eyes, glue sticks, scissors, hole punches, markers)
Around 7:15, called everyone into storywell
  • sang “On My Head I Have a Hat”
Song/Movement --  a rousing “Silly Hat” song (Source Unknown):
On my head I wear a hat,
It is such a silly hat,
That my head will wiggle,
Wiggle to and fro,
Where else should my silly hat go?
...continuing with audience suggestions...e.g. elbow, knee, foot, chin, tail, eyes, ear, hand, bottom,belly, nose (pinched nose to sound funny)...ending with
In my lap I have a hat,
It is such a quiet hat,
That my lap won't wiggle,
It just stays flat,
What do you all think of that! (everyone sits down, hat goes back on my head)

  • read “The Cat in the Hat”
  • drew for prizes
  • played “freeze dance” to Seussical album
  • played musical mats (like musical chairs with our alphabet mats) to Seussical album – as kids were eliminated, they were encouraged to go and try to balance a stack of paper plates and cups on their head (a la the “Cat” or a pom pom or plastic egg on a spoon a la “Horton Hears a Who”) then return to the craft tables to do any they hadn’t had time to do before the program.
This was a simplified version of the “Seussapalooza” program seen here: adapted to be used in the main children’s space because the program room was unavailable.
5/25/2017 BWL

Displaying IMG_3671.JPGDisplaying IMG_3670.JPG
Carol as the “Cat in the Hat” with the cutest “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”!

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