Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fitness Fun - Let’s Have a Field Day


Come share the story of the Tortoise & the Hare then have relay races through an in-house obstacle course.  (Two Groups – Ages 3-6 & 6-10)

Display:  Tortoise & the Hare books, CD: The Tortoise & The Hare by Stephen Simon, Conductor & Composer London Philharmonic Orchestra  

Ages 3-6 program:
Read: The Hare and Tortoise by Alison Murray (based on the Aesop’s fable)

Sing (with Puppets): Little Bunny Foo Foo


Read: Stella & Roy by Ashley Wolff (Big sister & little brother race each other around the pond in this modern retelling…)

Sing: “Bumping Up & Down in my Little Red Wagon…”


Read: The Tortoise and the Hare by Jerry Pinkney (gorgeous, almost wordless)

Ages 6-10 program:
Open with Stella & Roy by Ashley Wolff –ask does it remind them of another story?

Sing (with hand motion & puppet): “Little Bunny Foo Foo”

Fill out: “Tortoise & the Hare” Mad Libs


Teens perform (with Puppets): Reader’s Theater Play (below) – Adapted from The Tortoise and the Hare by Janet Stevens by Jennifer Jensen -- 
(later some of the kids did their own puppet show!)


Read: The Great Race by Keven O'Malley (show off, stuck up Lever Lapin bested by Nate Tortoise "better Nate than Lever!"), alternates: The Hare and Tortoise by Alison Murray, The Hare and the Tortoise by Helen Ward

Both groups – obstacle/challenge course – give each child a heavy stock Ellison die-cut gold star – they write their names on these and then my teen volunteers will place a dot on their stars when they attempt each activity. They’ll bring their stars and get a temporary tattoo when they complete the course. (Music playing: Disney Modern Classics)

PS - free play with challenges
K-4 - obstacle race & hula hoop, headstand, balancing board areas


Obstacle course – challenges:



Set up 10 bowling pins

clip_image002 imageimageimage

See how many you can knock down! 

Sit on a ball and use your feet to roll it along or Lie on a ball and see how far you can roll it before you roll off!

clip_image004 imageimageimageimageimage

Hula Hoop – How long can you go without dropping it?

clip_image006 imageimageimageimageimageimage

Hula Hoop – How many can you keep up?


Jump in and out of the hula-hoops


Try one foot, two feet & sideways!

Can you balance on the balance board? 

clip_image017 imageimageimageimageimage

Can you do a somersault? 

clip_image019 image

Can you do a handstand?  (Be sure you have someone to help you!)


Can you do a cartwheel? 


Hop on one foot 10 times – then do the other foot! 


Jump on the Trampoline!


Jump Rope!


Do 10 Jumping Jacks!


Spoon Relay
(Can you carry the shakey egg on the spoon across the room without dropping it?)

Silly Walks – Use a stretchy cord and try to take 10 steps 


Sit Ups – Get a Partner and hold each others’ feet – or use a stretchy cord and do “push me-pull you” sit ups! 


Can you get the bean bag in the Corn Hole?


Crawl Through a Tunnel 

clip_image041 imageimageimage

Optional additions:
Washer Game
Giant Jenga (staff kitchen)
Lawn Darts


Reader's Theater Adapted from The Tortoise and the Hare by Janet Stevens by Jennifer Jensen – readapted (basically to include more narrators) by Carol Simon Levin

Cast of characters: Narrators (6), Tortoise, Hare, Tortoise’s friends: Mouse, Bear and Rooster

Narrator 1: Once upon a time, there was a tortoise and a hare.

Narrator 2: Tortoise was friendly and quiet. He did everything slowly.

Narrator 3: Hare was flashy and rude. He did everything quickly.

Narrator 4: Hare liked to tease Tortoise about being slow. When Tortoise ate breakfast, Hare said:

Hare: By the time you finish your last bite, it will be dinnertime!

Narrator 5: When Tortoise worked in his garden, Hare said:

Hare: By the time you pick those spring flowers, it will be winter.

Narrator 6: One afternoon, Hare followed Tortoise to the store. Hare teased him on the way.

Hare: By the time you get there, the store will be closed. You’re so slow, I could beat you at a race, hopping backwards on one paw.

Tortoise: But I could never beat you Hare.

Mouse, Bear and Rooster: Yes you could Tortoise. All you need is a little help.

Hare: Then you will race me, Tortoise?

Narrator 1: Tortoise pulled his head into his shell.

Tortoise: I don’t want to.

Mouse, Bear and Rooster: You’ve got to. You’ve put up with that nasty hare long enough. We think you can win.

Narrator 2: Tortoise didn’t want to disappoint his friends, so he finally agreed to a race against Hare.

Narrator 3: Tortoise only had two-and-a-half weeks to get in shape before the big race.

Narrator 4: Rooster helped him out at the gym. Raccoon cooked him healthy meals.

Narrator 5: Frog went jogging with him every morning.

Narrator 6: By the day of the race, Tortoise was ready.

Narrator 1: Animals from all over the county came to watch the tortoise and the hare.

Narrator 2: Rooster read aloud the rules and described the course.

Rooster: Attention everyone. The race will begin when I sound this gong. The six-mile course is marked by red flags. The first one to reach the finish line wins. Runners, take your mark, get set, GO!!

Narrator 3: Raccoon sounded the gong.

Narrator 4: Hare bolted out of sight before Tortoise had taken his first step.

Narrator 5: The crowd roared and cheered as Tortoise inched forward.

Narrator 6: Hare was so far ahead that he decided to stop at Bear’s house for something cool to drink.

Narrator 1: Hare rested and sipped lemonade.

Narrator 2: Bear noticed something moving outside the window.

Bear: Hare, there goes Tortoise.

Hare: What?!

Narrator 3: Yelled Hare, running out the door.

Narrator 4: Hare passed Tortoise for the second time.

Narrator 5: Then he decided to stop at Mouse’s house for a snack.

Narrator 6: As Hare munched on crackers and cheese, Mouse yelled:

Mouse: Is that Tortoise I see out the window?

Hare: I’m not worried about that slowpoke. I’ve passed him twice today already.

Narrator 1: Then he finished his snack and hopped out the door.

Narrator 2: Hare passed Tortoise for a third time.

Narrator 3: Now, he was far ahead.

Narrator 4: He saw a pond and decided to stop and rest.

Narrator 5: The snacks had made him sleepy.

Narrator 6: Hare was so sure that he would win, he took a nap in the soft grass.

Narrator 1: As he closed his eyes, he dreamed of victory.

Narrator 2: Suddenly, Hare woke up. The crowd was cheering.

Mouse, Bear and Rooster: Yay, Tortoise!

Narrator 3: Tortoise was two steps away from the finish line.

Hare: Slow down, you bowlegged reptile! 

Narrator 4: Screamed Hare as he tried to catch up.

Narrator 5: But it was too late.

Narrator 6: Tortoise crossed the finish line just before the tornado of dust and fur that was Hare flew by.

Narrator 1: Tortoise had won the race.

Narrator 2: Hare couldn’t believe it.

Narrator 3: That measly shell on legs had beaten him.

Everyone except Tortoise & Hare: Tortoise smiled as his friends carried him on their shoulders. The end!

BWL 7.2016 planned but not executed. Building closed because of a leak. 

Did 7.2017 as part of SRC 2017 “Build a Better World” Fairy Tale Engineering

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