Monday, June 8, 2015

Story/Craft: Superhero Transportation


Afterschool Special: Superhero Transportation (ages 3-10) 
Get an early start on our Superhero Summer. We'll read about a fantastical car then design our own wild and wonderful vehicles!

Display: Picture books, graphic novels, early readers, and non-fiction (741/743 drawing/cartoons) on superheroes for kids to browse as they arrive.

Music as kids are arriving: Tracks 1-4 from Play! (album by Milkshake) – end with track #4 “Superhero”  (play the whole album while kids doing craft later).

Open with discussion: “how do superheroes get around?”  Many fly, but some have other transportation – anyone know any?  --  Batman’s “Batmobile”  Wonder Woman’s “Invisible Plane”  --  ask “if they were making a SuperMobile, what would they have it do?”


Read: If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen (has a great dedication! kid designs car with built in swimming pool, snack bar, robot driver, boat/sub/plane options)  Optional: Read/Show: Fast Food by Saxton Freymann and/or Mama Zooms by Jane Cowen-Fletcher, Batmobiles and Batcycles: The Engineering Behind Batman’s Vehicles by Tammy Enz (741.5973 ENZ)

Craft: Design a “SuperVehicle!”   (supplies: 12x18” light cardboard or card stock, scissors, markers, hole punches, construction paper (including pre-cut circles which made great spinning wheels), paper fasteners, pipe cleaners, glue sticks, tape, pencils, staplers, scrap paper).  Kids were given free rein to design any vehicle they wished…and they did very creatively -- some just used markers, others cut things out and made 3-dimensional designs.



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