Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Silly Stories–Preschool Outreach


Interactive Book: Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley – everybody enjoyed the actions and we had a mini-gym helping the kids do somersaults!  Everyone also enjoyed seeing a grownup (this 58 year old librarian) do one too – great lead in to:


Book: Silly Sally by Audrey Wood

Song/Flannel: Look There Daddy Do You See/Horse in Striped Pajamas

Look There Daddy, Do You See? (also known as The Horse in Striped Pajamas) from the old TV show "Captain Kangaroo".  (Tune and various versions available on the internet by searching: "look there daddy do you see lyrics")

Look There Daddy, Do You See?
Look there Daddy do you see?
There's a horse in striped pajamas.
   No that's not what it is at all,
   That's an animal people call a zebra.
I see -- but it still looks like a horse in striped pajamas to me.
2. There's a bird in its tuxedo  …. penguin
3. There's a bird wearing a rainbow… parrot
4. There's a bird wearing eyeglasses….owl
5. There's a mouse with great big wings on…bat
6. There's a bird with his umbrella… peacock
7. There’s a teddy with two black eyes … panda
8. There’s a cat with polka dots…leopard


Interactive Book: That's Good, That's Bad by Margery Cuyler – Kids loved responding to “Oh, that’s good” with “No that’s bad” and vice versa!

Action Song: If You're Happy & You Know It, Sad, Angry, Loving…


Q&A Book: Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? by Tom Slaughter – a fun and funny introduction to animate & inanimate objects!

Flannel/Song: Boom Boom Ain’t It Great to be Crazy (traditional) (on Linda Arnold’s “Singalong Stew” & Bob McGrath’s “Singalong with Bob, vol.2” among others) (Makes a fun flannelboard)

Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy
Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy
Silly and foolish the whole day through
Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy

A horse and a flea and three blind mice
Sat on a curbstone shooting dice,
The horse said "Ooops!" and fell on the flea,
And the flea said, "Whoops, there's a horse on me!" Chorus

Way down South where bananas grow
A flea stepped on an elephant's toe
The elephant cried, with tears in his eyes
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Chorus

Way up North where there's ice and snow
There lived a penguin and his name was Joe
He got so tired of black and white
He wore pink slacks to the dance last night! Chorus

Way up North and a long way off
There lived a donkey with the whooping cough
He coughed so hard that his head flew off
Way up North and a long way off! Chorus


Singable Book: What a Wonderful World – George David Weiss & Bob Thiele (several good illustrated versions of this song made famous by Louis Armstrong).

Promoted “Build a Better World” – 2017 Summer Reading.


7/17 Outreach -- Preschool Place 3's & 4’s

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