Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bicycle Safety Obstacle Course


Bicycle Safety Obstacle Course (Ages 3-7) & (Ages 6-10)

Members of the Bridgewater Police Dept will talk about staying safe, then children  will do bicycle-safety themed crafts and practice what they’ve learned in our outdoor course -- kids are welcome to bring along a bike, trike, or scooter. (Families with children of different ages are welcome to come all together to one program.)

Read: Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman

Flannel: Mrs. Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake



Discuss: Safety errors Mrs. Armitage makes (no helmet, lots of things unbalancing bicycle, hard to see where she is going…)

Introduce: Officers from the Bridgewater Police Department  -- 5 minute safety talk

Explain – color-coded nametags – 1st color (groups of 12) will go outside to ride around the mini-city set up by our Public Works Dept., others will do crafts & activities inside until their group is called.  They may return after being outside to continue their crafts.

Craft & Activity Stations:

(Music playing while crafting: Fred Penner’s album Happy Feet.)








To take finger prints, simply scribble a spot on your paper with a pencil making sure to color it in well. Then roll your finger in the graphite mark until it is well covered. Carefully place a piece of scotch tape over your finger then peel off slowly. Place the scotch tape onto your finger print grid to preserve. (Grid included in download) Finally compare the finger prints and discuss how they are each unique! clip_image008clip_image010



clip_image012If your child does not already recognize the numbers “9” and “1”, point them out on the paper telephone.  If your phone requires you to press “talk” or “on” make sure you include that step as well.

Next, disable the connection on your phone and allow him/her to practice on the actual telephone.  Pretend like you’re the 9-1-1 dispatcher and ask the sort of questions you might hear, “What’s your emergency?”.  Have fun with it, but at the same time convey the importance that it is NOT A GAME.  This would also be a great time for your child to start learning your address and phone number.  http://shared.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/themes/PoliceUnit.pdf

Plus an assortment of coloring and activity sheets from:  Bicycle Safety Activity Kit - NHTSA

6.16 BWL

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