Saturday, May 7, 2016

Singalong–You and Me and Family (includes Sensory-Friendly Version Notes)


Celebrate Mother’s & Father’s Day, sisters & brothers and all kinds of families in song.  Sensory-friendly program is limited to 10 children
and takes place in a quieter, slower-paced environment.

Sensory-friendly room set-up – large cozy puppets and squeeze toys scattered around the room. ABC squares so kids can define where they want to sit.

(Opening music) Fred Penner’s “Happy Feet”

Sensory Friendly – start program by with holding a mirror up to each child so they can see themselves as we sing “Hello to name…so glad to see you.”

You’ll Sing a Song (action song: You’ll sing a song and I’ll sing a song and we’ll sing a song together. You’ll sing a song and I’ll sing a song in warm or wintry weather….clap hands, stomp feet, turn around, wiggle knees…sit down)

MOMMY & DADDY (flannel:  “BINGO” variations)  -- lyrics to this and others below.

Parents are People (flannel) Song by Carol Hall from album "Free to Be You and Me."

Oh, By the Way (puppets & props) Song from Joe Scruggs “ Deep in the Jungle”


Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (action)

Helping by Shel Silverstein (flannel) Song from “Free to Be You and Me”

Magic Penny Song by Malvina Reynolds from her album “Ear to the Ground”


We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands (puppets) Song from “Sing Along with Bob” – sat in a circle and passed around puppets.


Family Tree (sign language) Played song by Tom Chapin & John Forster, on album “Family Tree” track #8 – signs on their video “This Pretty Planet,” here: and handout: .  We did the signs (“dancing with our hands”) on the choruses & did a kind of square dance swing on the verses.

Free to Be You and Me (scarf dancing to track #1  of "Free to Be You and Me." )

What a Wonderful World singable book by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele, illustrated by Ashley Bryan

S*I*N*G (song by Joe Raposo available on many Sesame Street albums) – parents & kids together standing in a circle, started singing quietly, everyone moved in & out on the “la las”, second time through sang together and louder.

Hand stamping to Louis Armstrong singing
“What a Wonderful World” (many albums)
Recommended album:  “A Child’s Celebration of Family”

Lyrics handout – editable copy available on request.



5.16 BWL

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