Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dance Party: 60s Dance Party!


SRC 60s Dance Party (props: hula hoops, shakey eggs, scarves/ribbons, parachute)

As patrons enter, Hand out shakey eggs and let kids dance/shake to Baby Beatles! Tracks #1 (Here Comes the Sun), 2 (All Together Now), 3 (Everybody's Got Something to Hide), 5 (Birthday),7 (Ob La Di, Ob La Da), 8 (Love Me Do) (Baby Beatles! [music CD] Babypants, Caspar. Aurora Elephant Music, 2013) (also had hula-hoops out during this time and helped kids try these.)

Or use Yellow Submarine tracks #2 (Hey Bulldog), #13 (When I'm 64) Yellow submarine [music CD] Beatles.Hollywood, Calif. : Capitol, 2009

or '60s music revolution. [music CD] Let the Sunshine In
[New York] : Time Life, [2012]. 2012 Disc 2, tracks #1 (The Letter), #2 (Kicks), #6 (Everyday People)

Additional possibilities:  Beach Boys: “Wouldn't It Be Nice” other dance songs e.g. “Twist & Shout” “Macarena”?

Pass out Scarves/Ribbons:

60s Disc 2, track #8 (Age of Aquarius)

Yellow Submarine #12 (All You Need is Love)

Bring out Parachute:

60s Disc 1, track #4 (Up Up and Away)

60s Disc 2, track #3 (Spinning Wheel)

Yellow Submarine #1 (Yellow Submarine)

Baby Beetles #13 (Octopus's Garden)

Freeze dancing to: tracks #1 (dance), #2 (Spiderman), #3 (Batman), #6 (Mighty Mouse), #11 (The Incredibles) of Super heroes [music CD]. Hit Crew (Musical group)
Edison, NJ : TUTM Entertainment, 2007

Clean up toys and parachute, everyone joins hands to make circle, sing “Sing” by Joe Raposo (song from Sesame St. - also started in the 60s.)

Hand-stamping to Louis Armstrong's “It's a Wonderful World”

Other album possibilities for general dance parties:A Child’s Celebration of Dance, Wiggles dance party, Spaghetti Eddie v.3, track #2 Freeze, Kimbo Move & Learn, track #7 Alphabet March & Match, #16 Freeze, Baby Genius: Kid's Dance Party, Learning Station: You Can Dance!




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