Saturday, March 8, 2014

Picture This: "Play With Art"

“Play with Art” (Ages 3-10)

What can you do with a dot, a line, a shape, a pair of scissors, a dab of paint and your imagination?  Anything you want!  Come “Be Creative @ Your Library” and “Play with Art” as we kick off a summer of creative fun at the library.

This is a program which incorporated many of the materials prepared for other programs in the "Picture This" series.  
(Detailed descriptions of each project can be found in those other program plans.  Different stations based on some of the programs we’ve held -- stations with self-directed instruction sheets – contact me if you want these.)

Read “Bear’s Picture” – Pinkwater and/or “The Dot”  - Reynolds

·         "What can you do with a line?" -- Squiggle pictures to get those creative juices flowing. (inspired by the book: Harold & the Purple Crayon)
·         "What can you do with a dot?" -- Pointillism with Q-tips in the style of Seurat.
·         "What can you do with a dab?" -- Watercolor painting in the style of Monet.
·         "What can you do with a pair of Scissors?" -- Cut-up collages in the style of Matisse or mixed-up faces a la Picasso.
·         "What can you do with some magazine pictures? -- Picturing the impossible -- Surreal pictures a la Magritte & Dali.
·         “What can you do with a wall & chalk?” --Cave Painting in the style of the first artists 32,000 years ago.

·         “What can you do with your imagination?” – anything you want!

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