Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pre-School Storytime: Boo Boos & Kachoos

A fun storytime making light of a serious subject with lots of music, action, and silliness.

Music: Play as kids enter: Razzama Tazzama by Kathy Reid-Naiman. #5 on CD: More Tickles & Tunes

Book: Barnyard Song – Rhonda Gowler Greene (younger),  Farm Flu – Teresa Bateman (older))

Farm Flu (puppets) (source unknown -- farm animal and sound identification)
The farm is in a flurry -- The rooster's got the flu
His cock-a-doodle-doo has turned to Cock-a-doodle-CHOO (And you can really draw out this last line) Continue with: cow, horse, sheep, cat, dog, etc.

Song/Action: If You’ve Got to Sneeze (Source Unknown, Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It)If you’ve got to sneeze, do it loud! (Ah-choo!)
If you’ve got to sneeze, do it loud! (Ah-choo!)
If you’ve got to sneeze,
If you’ve really got to sneeze,
If you’ve got to sneeze, do it loud! (Ah-choo!)
Continue with:...Do it soft! ...Do it high! ...Do it low! ...Do it slow! ...Do it fast!

Book: Monkey Soup – Louis Sacher (“very funny story about a girl making “soup” for her father who is sick!” –don’t try this at home!)

Glove Puppets: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (children also hold up their fingers, use flannel board numbers to reinforce numeracy of this subtraction song)

Flannel: “Band Aids” poem by  Shel Silverstein from Where the Sidewalk Ends (body word identification – band aids can be attached already or use velcro to attach as reciting the poem…)

Song/Sign Language: I said “Oww!” (from Pick Me Up: Fun Songs for Learning Signs)
and/or Action Rhyme: Jack & Jill went up a Hill

Book: Bear Feels Sick – Karma Wilson

(“speaking of boo-boos, look who falls down in our movie today!”)

DVD: “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” (on Weston Wood’s Sing-along Stories)


Flannel/Song: Boom Boom Ain’t It Great to be Crazy (traditional) (on Linda Arnold’s “Singalong Stew” & Bob McGrath’s “Singalong with Bob, vol.2” among others) (Makes a fun flannelboard)

Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy
Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy
Silly and foolish the whole day through
Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy

A horse and a flea and three blind mice
Sat on a curbstone shooting dice,
The horse said "Ooops!" and fell on the flea,
And the flea said, "Whoops, there's a horse on me!" Chorus

Way down South where bananas grow
A flea stepped on an elephant's toe
The elephant cried, with tears in his eyes
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Chorus

Way up North where there's ice and snow
There lived a penguin and his name was Joe
He got so tired of black and white
He wore pink slacks to the dance last night! Chorus

Way up North and a long way off
There lived a donkey with the whooping cough
He coughed so hard that his head flew off
Way up North and a long way off! Chorus

3.13  11.14
Book: I Love to Sneeze – Ellen Schecter (share “Hey Diddle Diddle” rhyme at appropriate point) no longer available.
Chopsticks – Amy Krause Rosenthal (best for ages 5+ -- great puns for older kids and grown ups)

Other book possibilities:

Goldilocks Has Chicken Pox by Erin Dealey
Who’s Sick Today by Lynne Cherry
A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip & Erin Stead
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon by Jane Yolen

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