Monday, December 2, 2013

Picture This: Poetry & Art for National Poetry Month

Picture This: Poetry & Art -- National Poetry Month
Kindergarten through 5th grade.

What do you get when you cross…

A toaster with a toad? A snail with a horse? A giraffe with a tarantula? and An umbrella with an elephant?

You get a pop-up Toadster, a Snorse, a Girantula, and The Bold UmbrellaPhant!

“Join us as we read some outrageous poems by Jack Prelutsky and Keith DuQuette, then create our own mixed-up menagerie in words and pictures!”

· Read selections from Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant (J811.54 PREL) & Cock-a-doodle Moooo! : a Mixed-Up Menagerie (Picture Book DuQuette)

· Display office materials (staplers etc.) & books with animal pictures for inspiration.

· Make mixed-up animal collages (Materials: 11x17” paper, collage materials (office ads, magazine pages, construction paper scraps, etc.), scissors, glue sticks

· Have extra volunteers on hand to help kids write poems, if desired.


Picture This: Imaginary Menagerie (or Creature Feature) K-5
Join us as we celebrate National Poetry Month with some outrageous poems about imaginary creatures then make some creations of our own using origami, paper collage, and other techniques.

  • Open with squiggle pictures (“squiggles” on white boards & paper for kids to turn into imaginary creatures.
Read mixed-up poems from Animals that Ought to Be J811.54 MIC, Imaginary Menagerie J811.54 LARIOS,  Doodle Dandies J811.54 LEWIS, Fold Me a Poem J811.54  GEORGE, Good Mousekeeping J811.54 LEWIS, Cock a Doodle Moo DUQUETTE Mr. Putney’s Quacking Dog - AGEE


Origami –  photocopied a few pages from Beginner's origami : birds, beasts, bugs, & butterflies J745.54 BIDDLE, torn-paper collage, cut paper animals, 3D paper folding, squiggle pictures  (Supplies: construction paper, paper scraps, scissors, glue, origami paper, markers)  

Other resources – didn’t use, but  these would tie this into artist presentation:  Imagine That!  Activities and Adventures in Surrealism (J709.04 RAI) pages 26-33 “Creature Feature Miro” – Collograph creatures (litho printing) ,  pages 34-39  “The Wild Imagination of  Max Ernst” p. 20 Unusual people, 22 Amazing Art Game


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