Friday, December 6, 2013

Picture This: Inkblot Art.

Come stretch your imagination as we explore the endless possibilities
of a drop of paint. (Please wear old clothes for this program) Ages 5 and up.

Read: The Dot – Peter Reynolds

Read: Bear’s Picture –  Daniel Pinkwater/Johnson

Read:  Seven Blind Mice – 398.2 Young

Booktalk:  Elephants Can Paint Too – 599.67 ARN

Show some inkblots from  Inkblot:  Drip Splash and Squish Your Way to Creativity – Margaret Peot 751.4 PEO

Craft Stations:
· Making inkblots:
o Blown: heavy stock paper, straws, liquid watercolor paints, lots of paper towels! (use towels under/around paper to contain messes), pencils to write names
o Folded: heavy stock paper, tempera paint, cups, q-tips, paper towels, pencils to write names
· Transforming inkblots: premade inkblots (so already dry), markers

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