Tuesday, December 3, 2013

AfterSchool Story/Craft: Picture a Tree -- Earth Day Hooray!

Stories, songs, and crafts celebrating these remarkable green giants.    (Incorporated poetry, interactive theater, sign language, non-fiction, and art appreciation.) Ages 5-11
As children arrived, had “poem in your pocket” blanks for Earth Day poems – many children did these!

Read/Act Out : EarthDance  – 811.54 RYD – we acted out this poetic celebration of the earth as we read it (splendid language, imagination, poetry, images, kinesthetic learning)

Song (teach sign language)  : “Walk The World Now Children” on Tom Chapin’s Some Assembly Required (730 CHAP) # 8 

Read (NonFiction): Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life -- 572.46 BAN (sunlight converted by plant through photosynthesis breaking up water -- H20 -- breathing out oxygen for us to breathe in -- breathing in CO2 and building sugars (leaves, stems, juices, seeds, fruit) for us to eat -- we are living sunlight!)

(teach sign language)  : “Family Tree” on Tom Chapin’s album  Family Tree (730 CHAP)

(NonFiction/Biog): Wangari’s Trees of Peace (JBiog Maathai)

Picture a Tree (Picture Book REID) then show: http://www.barbarareid.ca/books/pictureatree.html (video of the plasticine pictures being made)

collage art – make a tree with scrap paper/tissue paper  (12x18 cardstock, assorted scrap papers, scissors, glue containers & Qtips, markers) 

Music: play album This Pretty Planet (730 CHAP) while children working on crafts
Flannel/Song (omitted/no time): "And the Green Grass Grew All Around"

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