Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Storytime/Craft: Digging Underground – Discover the Critters Who Dwell Below the Earth!

A program incorporating participatory theater, action songs, non-fiction about the value of worms to the earth's growing cycle, the positive messages of self-acceptance, acceptance of difference and friendship (Bob & Otto), and the concepts of the days of the week and numbers (Very Hungry Caterpillar)
Browsing picture books: Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer -- Brendler, Great Fuzz Frenzy –Stevens, Honey Honey Lion! A Story from Africa – Brett,  Over in the Garden – Ward, Eric Carle books,  Denise Fleming books, Doreen Cronin “Diary” books, Inch by Inch – Llioni, non-fiction about worms and underground critters.

Book:  Underground – Fleming
Participatory storytelling:  The Great Big Enormous  Turnip (grandfather, grandmother, daughter, dog, cat & mouse puppets, beanbag for turnip)
Action Song: “Digging, digging this is how we dig the ground”
Book: Wonderful Worms – Glaser
Riddle: “What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?”  (“Finding half a worm!”)
Song/Flannel: “A Wiggly Worm”
Book: Bob & Otto  - Bruel
Book: Pop-Up Very Hungry Caterpillar  (omitted or use flannel/puppet)
Action song: Hermie the Worm (used “Herman the Worm” on All of the Two of Us – 730 Johansen (ok version))
DVD: Diary of a Worm – Cronin

Craft: Underground collage pictures –underground point of view (brown/green/blue construction paper, paper scraps, glue sticks, scissors, markers, seeds)
Collective project: “Library Bookworm” – Write favorite book(s) on pieces of paper, roll and link to our paper chain bookworm – hung from ceiling afterwards.

(Considered doing “worm” painting with cooked spaghetti, but had done veggie printing the week before so decided to skip.)

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