Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SRC: Every Hero Has a Story: Inventive Heroes!

July 21st I Never Thought of That/Who Made That!” – “Inventive Heroes – we’ll hear the stories of some amazing inventors, then imagine our own inventions.
Music playing while arriving (and later for creating): Prototype 2 album by Zero One (electronica synthesizer music 660 ZERO).  Encouraged early arrivals to browse invention titles on display (list below)
Read: Dotty Inventions (and Some Real Ones Too) – Roger McGough (J609 MCG) (Younger Group)  In the Bag: Margaret Knight Wraps Its Up -- Monica Kulling (Older group)
Action: “Hi My Name is Joe and I Work in a Button Factory” (both groups) http://www.scoutsongs.com/lyrics/mynameisjoe.html

Read: Imaginative Inventions (609 HAR) -- eyeglasses, donuts (both groups)

The (Boy Who Harnessed the Wind – William Kamkwamba & Bryan Mealer (JBiog Kamkwamba) (both groups) and Imaginative Inventions 609 HAR -- roller skates mistakes!
Booktalked: Rosie Revere, Engineer - Andrea Beaty (& her Iggy Peck, Architect), The Most Magnificent Thing – Ashley Spires, Hooray for Inventors – Marcia Williams (609.22 WIL) (graphic novel), So You Want to Be an Inventor – 608 St. George, Girls Think of Everything – Catherine Thimmesh (609.2 THI), Ben Franklin’s Big Splash – Barb Rosenstock
Craft: Create (real or imagined) invention “prototypes” (defined). Supplies: 12x18 cardboard liners (from B&T boxes), masking tape, tape, staplers, gluesticks, scissors, hole punches, string, pipe cleaners, paper fasteners, markers, rulers, pencils.
After kids finished, gathered in a circle so each could tell the group about their invention, then gathered for a group picture.
Selected display titles:
Invention books: 609, Incredible Inventions: Poems 811.008 INC,11 Experiments that Failed – Jenny Offill
Biographies about: Elijah McCoy (The Real McCoy, All Aboard), Edison, Jacques Cousteau, Leonardo Da Vinci, Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein, It’s a Snap: George Eastman’s First Photograph, The Man Who Made Time Travel – Lasky (JB Harrison), Earmuffs for Everyone: How Chester Greenwood became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs – Meghan McCarthy, Spic-and-Span: Lillian Gilbreath’s Wonder Kitchen – Monica Kulling,  Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World - Elizabeth Rusch
http://www.stemazing.org/#!originalsadaptations---picture-books/c16hg -- great STEM ideas for picture books.

Fun book: The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle: Frank Epperson by Anne Renaud  (science projects)

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