Monday, August 3, 2015

SRC: Every Hero Has a Story: Hurray for Superheroes!



 “Hurray for Superheroes” – we’ll share some stories of heroes with super-powers then create our own superhero drawings, “fly” and have a superhero parade around the library.

Open with “Book of Dreams” by Milkshake from their Bottle of Sunshine CD or “Superhero” from their Play album.

Younger: Amazing Adventures of Bathman – Andrew T. Pelletier

Older: Gingerbread Man, Superhero! – Dotti Enderle and Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl! – Michael Foreman


Flannel: The Best Superhero Suit

Younger: Kapow! – George O’Connor

Older: Library Lil – Suzanne Williams + briefly told (showing pictures): Librarian on the Roof! A True Story – M. G. King

Flannel:  Capes of Many Colors

Both:  Superhero ABC – Bob McLeod (just read the names of the heroes “A is for …”, not the other material)

Action Song: If You Are a Superhero and You Know It… (from: - lots more ideas here!)


Superhero Masks: Ellison die cuts plus:
Also a superhero tiara, markers

Superhero “sidekicks”  (or “Mini-Me’s”) Ellison superhero die cuts, glue sticks, markers.

Superhero capes (plastic tablecloth rolls pre-cut into approx. 18”x24” lengths, collar folded over and holes punched by teen volunteers, curling ribbon or yarn to lace through holes, washable markers write on the plastic)

Superhero placards (generally older kids only):  Some kids designed their own superheroes

Photo op: Blue bulletin board paper with buildings & clouds laid on floor, kids tie on capes, photographed from above "flying"

Music playing: DC75: Music of DC Comics 75th Anniversary,  Superhero Party Music, Superheroes (Cincinnati Pops)

Forgot to include the idea of making superhero nametags: Create a superhero nametag: Lightning___, Flash___ Super_____



More pix:

Other possibilities: 3D superhero drawings (blue & red crayons – 3D glasses) comics  Librarian of Basra , Max – Bob Graham (nice)  Younger: Ladybug Girl (and Bumblebee Boy) – Soman (younger only), Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy (wants to fly but needs younger brother’s help), Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man Mighty Max – Ziefert, Older: Superhero School – Aaron Reynolds (clever)  Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude and other  Kevin O’Malley titles, Not All Princesses Dress in Pink – Jane Yolen, Skippyjon Jones – Judy Schachner  Superhero Joe – Jacqueline Weitzman, Traction Man is Here! – Mimi Grey, Loretta Ace Pinky Scout – Keith Graves, Baron Von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident – George McClements, Mount Olympus Basketball – O’Malley  Superfab Saves the Day – Delaporte (tongue in cheek, maybe for older kids?)  Display:  Supersister – Cadana,
Music: Backyardigans: Super Heroes vs. Super Villians (on Backyardigans Groove to the Music)

Didn’t use these ideas: Superhero standees -- photo ops, selfies  "be a superhero"  superhero training program obstacle course, Superman -- kriptonite (green painted rocks) scavenger hunt, make green crystal sugar science experiment?, phone book dress up races (2 old suits on & off teams), superhero memory game or puzzle


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