Saturday, March 8, 2014

Picture This: Keith Haring: Characters at Play

Join us as we explore the quirky characters and enthusiastic energy 
of this graffiti-inspired artist, then help us make a mural 
and create some stand-up sculptures in his signature style.

·     Show: Powerpoint presentation (available to share -contact me)
·     Read: Keith Haring : I wish I didn't have to sleep! Haring, Keith. New York : Prestel, c1997. and board books (if available) Big Haring, Keith.  New York, N.Y. : Hyperion Books for Children, c1998.  10 Haring, Keith.  New York : Hyperion Books for Children, c1998.
·    Create: Mural & individual pictures & sculptures (out of construction paper). Materials for mural: bulletin Board Paper laid out on floor, markers. For individual projects construction paper, scissors, markers, glue sticks, tape.

Explore Art! Find more about Keith Haring at this website:
Keith Haring : I wish I didn't have to sleep! (J709.2 HAR) (and all the books in the Adventures in Art series – ask a librarian to help you find them.)  

Other good books  to introduce art and encourage creativity:

The Dot and Ish – Peter Reynolds
Seen Art?  -- John Scieszka and Lane Smith
Art -- Patrick McDonnell
The Turn About, Think About, Look About Book -- Beau Gardner
Micawber – John Lithgow
Eggs Mark the Spot – Mary Jane Auch
I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! – Karen Beaumont
Jack in Search of Art – Arlene Boehm
Anna’s Art Adventure – Bjorn Sortland
Applemondo’s Dreams – Patricia Polacco
Drawing Lessons from a Bear – David McPhail
The Gentleman & the Kitchen Maid – Diane Stanley
All I See – Cynthia Rylant
More than Meets the Eye: Seeing Art With All Five Senses (J759 RAC)
The Shape Game (J708 BRO)
Hidden Pictures (J701 BOL)
Squeaking of Art (J701.1 WEL)
Great Art Adventure (J701.1 KNO)
Dan’s Angel – A Detective’s Guide to the Language of Paintings (J750.11 STU)
Fold Me a Poem (811.54 GEO) 
Stories in Art (701.1 WIL)
Discover Great Paintings (J701.1 MIC)

Also check out these art books by Joyce Raimondo: What's the big idea? : activities and adventures in abstract artMake it pop! : activities and adventures in Pop art , Express yourself! : activities and adventures in expressionism , Imagine that! : activities and adventures in Surrealism , Picture this! : activities and adventures in Impressionism 


Behind the Scenes
This series hosted by Penn & Teller provides clever and engaging profiles of David Hockney, Julie Taymor, Wayne Thiebaud, Matt Groening, David Parsons, JoAnn Falletta, Robert Gil de Montes, Carrie Mae Weems, William Wegman, Allen Toussaint, Bobby McFerrin, Nancy Graves, and Max Roach.  Great segments to share on color, perspective, etc.

Getting to Know (series)  Da Vinci    Michelangelo   Monet    Van Gogh    Rembrandt     Andy Warhol 
Humorous very accessible overviews based on the books by Mike Venezia.  An alternative way of introducing artists.

Dropping in on…(series)     Andy Warhol   Grant Wood   Matisse   Picasso  Romare Bearden    Rousseau
Puffer the bird interviews various artists and asks questions about their works in these simply animated programs. 

Who is the Artist?   Viewers learn to identify the styles of different artists within a movement by comparing & contrasting their styles.

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