Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Picture This – Art Exploration for Kids “Drawing with Scissors: Exploring the Art of Henri Matisse”

Picture This – Art Exploration for Kids “Drawing with Scissors: Exploring the Art of Henri Matisse”

Kindergarten through 5th grade.
“Ever think of making a painting without a paintbrush?
Henri Matisse did. We’ll hear his story, then see what we can design using just a pair of scissors!”

· As children arrive, share pictures from Famous Artists: Matisse (J759.4 MAS) & other of his art books.

· Open with discussion of previous months – helping them remember artists we had already explored.

· Read  Matisse's Garden by Samantha Friedman (J759.4 FRI) Love this!! -- this book produced in conjunction with the 2014 MOMA exhibition combines cut paper illustrations with gate-fold illustrations of 8 of Matisse's works.  (other possibilities: Henri's Scissors by Jeanette Winter (JB Matisse), Matisse: The King of Color J759.4 ANH,  When Pigasso met Mootisse (Picture Book Laden)Colorful Dreamer: the Story of Artist Henri Matisse by Marjorie Blain Parker (759.4 MAT) Best for age 7+, The Iridescence of Birds (JB Matisse) More a mood piece than an informative biography, illustrations got a lot of buzz for Caldecott. 

  Share Oooh! Matisse by Mil Niepold (759.4 NIE) Great cut-out guessing game.

· Share  a Power Point of some of his cut outs -- very effective seeing his works at full scale or share some pages of Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors (J759.4 OCO) & Meet Matisse (J709.24 MUN).

· Create collages in the style of Matisse –Supplies: 11x17” paper, scissors, construction paper, glue sticks. (could also use handprints)  (2015: created card versions instead - for Valentine's Day)

· Addl. resources: Appelmondo's Dreams (Picture Book Polacco), The Usborne Art Treasury (J750.11 DIC) p. 40-43 What’s the Big Idea (J709.04 RAI) pp. 20-25. (Powerpoint for Matisse.)

2.2015  Matisse at MOMA: Valentine's Day Craft (ages 4-10) Learn about this artist and make Valentine's Day cards for your family and friends inspired by his wonderful collages.  (would do ages 5-10 next time)

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