Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Storytime/Craft: Digging in the Garden – Celebrate Gardens and Growing Things Big and Small!

A program of stories, songs, and crafts incorporating concepts of color, number, alphabet, and environment -- along with a good dash of fantasy.
Music as entering:  Pickin’ & Grinnin’: Great Folksongs for Kids (737 PICK)
Browsing picture books: One Potato, Two Potato --DeFelice, Growing Vegetable Soup – Ehlert,  Planting a  Rainbow – Ehlert, Eating the Alphabet – Ehlert, Rah Rah Radishes: A  Vegetable  Chant  -- Sayre, Lawn to Lawn – Yaccarino, Jack and the Beanstalk – various, Dog Food (and other vegetable concept books) by Saxton Freymann,  gardening books (635s)
Book: Planting a Rainbow – Ehlert
Song: “Digging, Digging, this is how we dig the ground…in our garden”
Flannel: Fran’s Flower  (based on the book by Lisa Bruce)
Book: Compost Stew: A Rhyming Recipe – Siddals
Book/Song: Inch by Inch --  Mallett
Concept Book/Art Inspiration: Food for Thought – Freymann

Craft Stations:
Vegetable printing (paper, paint trays, tempera, cut veggies, paper towels)
Freymann-inspired vegetable creatures (added features to clip art veggies & fruit from: and , construction paper, paper scraps, black eyed peas and/or goggle eyes, feathers, tacky glue, Q-tips)

In My Garden  Song on Raffi’s “One Light, One Sun”
Digging, digging, this is how we dig the ground,
In our garden, in our garden.
Digging, digging, this is how we dig the ground,
Early in the morning.
Hoeing, hoeing, this is how we hoe the weeds…
Planting, planting, this is how we plant the seeds…
Growing, growing, this is how the seeds will grow…
Picking, picking, this is how we’ll pick the peas…

Eating, eating, this is how we’ll eat the peas…

Add: If You  Plant a Seed – Kadir Nelson

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