Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Storytime/Craft: Digging in at the Beach – Look what Fun we can have with Sand, Water & Mud!

A program for ages 3-7 celebrating the power of imagination
including interactive guessing-game books, songs, and creative crafts.

Books to browse as children enter:  My Life with the Wave --Cowan,   Beach Day – Lakin, Sun Sand Me – Hubbell, Out of the Ocean – Frasier, How will we get to the beach – Tharlet, To the Beach – Docherty, Flotsam – Weisner , Wave – Lee, Imagine a Day – Gonsalves,  Monster Beach – Parakevas, Mrs. Armatage & the Big Wave– Blake, House by the Sea – Ryder, Into the AB Sea: An Ocean Alphabet --Rose, Senses at the Seashore – Rotner,  591.7699s

Book: How Will We Get to the Beach – Luciani
Flannel: “Mine” (poem from Sunflakes: Poems for Children – Moore ) – text below
Sign Language Song:  “Go to the Beach” #18 from Pick Me Up: Fun songs for learning signs Mr. Book: Book: Mister Seahorse – Carle
Song/Book: Over in the Ocean – Berkes
Guess the Picture Book: My Camera at the Aquarium – Marshall
Action Song: “She Waded in the Water”
Wordless Book: Flotsam – Wiesner

Alts:  flannel/song: “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”; Song/Action: Baby Shark (on Mike Whitla’s Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes or “less happy ending”

Craft stations: (inspired by Mister Seahorse & Flotsam)  
Tissue paper undersea scenes (coffee filters, markers, spray bottles) 
3D octopi (make tubes from construction paper, then cut & curl and apply google eyes) 
Trace handprints & make sea animals, 
Sand and sea scene paintings  (tagboard, tissue paper, goggle eyes, scissors, markers) -- after they finish the picture, have them paint "beach" with tacky glue then bring to have sand sprinkled (tacky glue in cups and q-tips, sand & spoon & catch box)  

Handprint and Footprint Arts & Crafts: Mommy and Me Fish HandprintsCoffee Filter Sea Horse (and other Eric Carle Activities) by The Preschool Toolbox at Squidoo

Mine – Lilian Moore (poem from Sunflakes: Poems for Children – Moore )

I made a sand castle. In rolled the sea.
        “All sand castles belong to me – to me,” said the sea.
I dug sand tunnels. In flowed the sea.
        “All sand tunnels belong to me – to me,” said the sea.
I saw my sand pail floating free.
I ran and snatched it from the sea.
        “My sand pail belongs to me – to ME!” 


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