Saturday, April 3, 2021

American Girls Superheroes - True Superheroes

American Girls Club - True Superheroes Party (
Sussex County Library Virtual Program)
"Don’t miss this very special meeting of the American Girl Club featuring Carol Simon Levin! Ms. Levin shares stories of remarkable women throughout history (our true Superheroes!). There will be activities too! Miss Jenise hosts. Kindergarten and above. American Girl dolls are welcome, but you don’t need a doll to join in." 
March 27 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm FREE

Superheroes-->Flight-->Real female flyers

Opened by having each attendee introduce her American Girl doll(s), then had a discussion of characteristics of "superheroes." After "able to fly" came up, said that while real people can't fly by themselves, they can become pilots and I was going to share a story about a real person named Bessie Coleman who, despite people saying she couldn't learn to fly an airplane because she was Black and a woman, went on to become a famous aviatrix.

Read: Nobody Owns the Sky by Reese Lindbergh (daughter of Charles Lindbergh)

Booktalked other picture book biographies of aviatrices (above) Jenise Sileo, Sussex County Library Youth Services Librarian sent out this terrific video booktalk after the program)

Showed the Bessie Coleman segment from the Reading Rainbow episode "Ruth Law Thrills a Nation" (starts at 7:45)

Introduced the concept of "lift" then we experimented Asked what they thought would happen if they blew above and below a strip of paper, then using strips of paper, blew and watch how they lift UP either way! (air moving faster above the paper causes low air pressure which counteracts the force of gravity which is how airplanes can fly" 
(“c” from

Make and fly our own paper airplanes – “classic” plus unusual “Flying Saucer” “Spirit of Alabama” (instructions:

Here are links for lots of more great paper airplanes:  More ideas at: 

Then asked who knew who Kamala Harris was and read her book Superheroes are Everywhere. 

Booktalked: Barack Obama's marvelous Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters (more like this in my program called "Big Dreamers" ) and the new book Dreams for Our Daughters.  

You can find lots of great booklists at: What Do We Do All Day
Profiles of groundbreaking women at A Mighty Girl
Daily math problems from Bedtime Math

You can hear me read-aloud "Soar Elinor" another book about a daring young female flyer here

We share the story of the plucky young female pilot who flew under four NYC bridges then talk about "lift" and make a paper airplane to fly. Find instructions for a variety of paper airplanes at my website: http://www.carolsimonlevin.blogspot.c...
or check out this video:
. Want to read "Soar Elinor"? You'll find it here:
. More activities at:
. You might also enjoy Flight! by Robert Burleigh (a book about Charles Lindbergh's solo across the Atlantic Ocean) here:
. Interested in learning about other female flyers, check out the links at:
flying! You can find more of my storytime videos at:
. I also have created a compilation of fun family sites for at-home learning at:

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