Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Heart of Art–Drawing Lessons with the BRRHS Art Honors Club


On January 30th, members of the Bridgewater HS Art Honor Society taught kids how to draw faces, on February 13th, they’ll continue learning about how to draw the rest of a person. (Kids who didn’t attend on January 30th are welcome.)  Lessons will continue with “drawing animals” on April 17th.

Ashley, Alyssa, and Vita demonstrated the step by step process of dividing the oval and puting the features on a face on the easel as the kids did the same on their papers.

1.2017 & 2.2017  Supplies: easel with paper & Sharpie, 8x11 or 8x14 paper, pencils, erasers (optional: markers, colored pencils, or pastels for adding details afterwards). Books on drawing for checkout.


Artists (L->R Srimoukthika Kona, Liam Northrup, Sophia Kelleher, Mary Bill , Srinoumika Kona, Prathika Maruvapalli, Mahiya Srivastava, Soham Shahri, Julia Chan, Hriday Narang, Yogita Maruvapalli, Nhi Vu) and their drawings along with our three art student teachers from BRRHS Art Honor Society (back row: Halanna Yuh, Vita Dibuono, Ashley Jiao)


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