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PreSchool Storytime: Fall–Leaves & Apples

PreSchool Storytime Ages 2-6 with a focus on numeracy, the life cycle of an apple tree, also incorporates  animal names & animal noises, sign language, and oral storytelling.
Open with Sign Language Song: “Let’s Take a Little Walk” from “Pick Me Up: Fun Songs for Learning Signs” track 15
Book: Leaf Man – Lois Ehlert (suggested kids collect leaves on the way home and make their own leaf creatures…)
Cut and Tell Story: Autumn Leaf (instructions: http://meusenotes.blogspot.com/2014/09/autumn-leaf.html)
Autumn Leaf: Cut and Tell
(Two sheets of construction paper glued together 1 green: 1 red or yellow)
By Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room

I start out green,
Often fragile and small.
I grow through two seasons
On something tall.
But there are changes
When the nights turn cool,
That happen to me
When children return to school.
I am a ....... (leaf)
On a growing tree.
(Open to show a green leaf)
Watch me turn color
One, two, three!
(Turn it to the other side to show the autumn leaf)
Book/Song: The Leaves on the Trees by Thom Wiley
Action Song (with puppet): Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrel, Grey squirrel! (bounce up and down on the words)
Swish your bushy tail! (shake it)
Grey squirrel, Grey squirrel!
Swish your bushy tail!

Wrinkle up your little nose!(poke your nose)
Put an nut between your toes( touch your toes)

Grey squirrel, Grey squirrel!
Swish your bushy tail!

Storytelling:  Little Red House (oral storytelling – listening and repetition -- lots of versions, here’s one: http://www.missbsclassroom.com/thinking-story-the-little-red-house-with-no-doors-and-no-windows/  Flannel pieces optional, need real apple and knife for the “star” reveal)
Flannel Song: A Wiggly Worm (Tune: Boom! Boom! Ain’t it Great to be Crazy!)

                Chorus: Yum! Yum! Don’t you know I love apples?
                                Yum! Yum! Don’t you know I love apples?
                                Red and Green and yellow, too…
                                Yum! Yum! Don’t you know I love apples?
                Way up high in an apple tree, I saw two eyes look at me.
                I reached for an apple, it started to squirm…oops! I found a wiggly worm!  Chorus
                That wiggly worm is a friend of mine.  We eat apples all the time.
                 I let him crawl back to that tree… hey!  That worm is looking at me! Chorus
Book: One Red Apple – Harriet Ziefert (younger – actually though simple, works well for all ages – simple beautiful celebration of the cycles of an apple tree)

Action: Apple Pie chant (suit actions to words)

Chorus:  Apple, apple  (slap legs twice, then clap hands twice)  Apple Pie!
First you need apples
So you pick them, pick them  chorus
    Put them in the sink
    And you wash them, wash them chorus
Then you take the apples
And you cut them, cut them chorus
   Next you roll the crust
   & you roll it, you roll it chorus
Drape it in the pan
& you pinch it, you pinch it chorus
    Take some cinnamon sugar
    And sprinkle it, sprinkle it chorus
Put it in the oven
& you bake it, you bake it chorus
   Take it out of the oven
   & you smell it, you smell it chorus
Take out your knife
& you slice it, you slice it chorus
   Take some ice cream
   & you scoop it, you scoop it chorus
Then you take the pie
And eat it, eat it!! Chorus
Singable Book: Ten Red Apples – Pat Hutchins (numeracy: 1-10 numerals, one-to-one correspondence, subtraction, animal identification, animal sounds)
Book: Fall is Not Easy – Marty Kelley (a tree’s amusing variations on fall color changes)
Action song: This is the way we rake the leaves (Mulberry Bush)
DVD: Reading Rainbow: How to make an apple pie & see the world -- Marjorie Priceman
Optional before hand stamping: Song: Apples & Bananas – Raffi (phonemic awareness)

Additional book possibilities:  10 Apples Up on Top -- Dr. Seuss,   10 Red Apples – Virginia Barthalamew (younger).  A wonderful book for Kindergarten and up: One Green Apple - Eve Bunting (age 5& up,  Beautiful story about a young newly-arrived immigrant named Fatah who gains self-confidence when the green apple she picks on a school field trip perfectly complements the other students' red apples.) The Terrible Plop -- Ursula Dubosarsky
The Apple Pie Tree -- Zoe Hall (non-fiction elements, life cycle of an apple tree – very similar to her pumpkin book which I will use next week) or Fall Apples: Crisp & Juicy 634.11 Rustad

Additional songs:
Apple Song (Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider, source unknown) 

                Once a little apple seed was planted in the ground.
                Down came the rain, falling all around.
                Out came the sun as bright as bright could be
                And the little seed grew up to be an apple tree.
Glove: Five Red Apples (younger, use numeral cards to reinforce number concepts)(source unknown)
                Five red apples hanging in a tree
                The juiciest apples you ever did see.
                The wind came by and gave an angry frown
                And one little apple came tumbling down…
Gloves: "1 little 2 little 3 little Apples" (from “Cindy” on Perpetual Preschool, to the tune: “1 little 2 little 3 little Indians”)  (older)
                1 little 2 little 3 little apples,
                4 little 5 little 6 little apples,
                7 little 8 little 9 little apples, 10 apples on my tree.
                                Munch little, munch little, munch little apples
                                Crunch little, crunch little, crunch little apples
                                Bunch of little, bunch of little, bunch of little apples,
                                Good for you and me!
Action: Apple Tree Apple Tree Turn Around (source unknown)
                Apple tree turn around; (turn)
                Apple tree touch the ground. (bend)
                See it swaying in the air; (stand swaying arms)
                Apples apples everywhere! (extend arms)
                Apple tree turn around
                Apple tree touch the ground.

10/16 BWL

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