Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SRC: Every Hero Has a Story: Local Heroes–Fire Fighters



Displayed picture books and non-fiction firefighter books

Set up DVD theater on the stage “Popular Mechanics: Firefighters and Other Life-Saving Heroes” was a good choice. (Lots of other possibilities as well.)

Gave color-coded tickets (12 for each)  to kids as they arrived – these were collected at the fire safety house later. (Should have sign in parking lot directing people to get free tickets inside the library)

Opened program by reading  Gingerbread Man: Loose on the Fire Truck by Laura Murray (younger) or No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons) by Pendziwol (older group).  (Both included female firefighters – nice since all our visiting firefighters were male.) 

My Mom Is a Firefighter

Other possibilities: My Mother is a Firefighter by Lois Grambling, Sparky the Fire Dog by Don Hoffman (precautionary tale) , Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington (good for very young kids) Next time: Fire Engine No. 9 by Mike Austin looks great!

Younger (piggyback song): “If you hear the fire alarm, feel the door (2x)…  (Tune: If you’re happy and you know it..)… other verses, “crawl on the floor”  “if your clothes catch fire, stop, drop, and roll”

Optional song: Stop, Drop and Roll  from “Don’t drink the bathwater & other things you need to know” by Victor Johnson.

Firefighter Phil talked to kids about fire safety, while Firefighter Ron donned fire suit, face mask and helmet (did “Darth Vadar” breathing and voice so kids wouldn’t be afraid of a real encounter.

Afterwards first group of 12 kids (and accompanying caregivers) headed to the parking lot to tour the fire truck and go through the safety/smoke house, while the rest did craft tables.  After the first group returned, the next group headed out.

Craft tables:

Make your own Firefighter’s Hat  (color, glue to B&T cardboard, cut out, punch holes, tie with string)

Toilet Paper Roll Firefighters (male & female)

Fire safety mazes, Write Our Heroes “Thank You” you notes plus other pages copied from sites below. 

(Materials: photocopies, glue sticks, scissors, B&T cardboard, markers/crayons, string, hole punches, toilet paper tubes) (lots of pages)





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