Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Storytime/Craft: Dig It! Let’s Rock!

Rock Your Way into Summer with Lively Music, Stories and Activities (and take Home Your Very Own Pet  Rocks!)

Entering “rock” music:  “Old McDonald Had a Rock ‘n Roll Band” (from Joe Scruggs Deep in the Jungle 730 SCR)

Read: A Special Gift for Granny – Jean Craighead George,
Activity/Book:  If Rocks Could Sing: A Discovered Alphabet – Leslie McGuirk, 
Tell/ Props: Stone Soup,
Sing:  “Stone Soup” (Linda Arnold’s version), 
Read: Elizabeti’s Doll  - Stephanie Stuve- Bodeen (1st Group) or The Jupiter Stone  -- Paul Owen Lewis (2nd group)  (Alts: Milo and the Magical Stones – Pfister, Gift from the Sea –Kate Banks , Roxaboxen – McLerran, A Rock is Lively – 552 Aston, or Rocks in my Pockets – Harshman)

Craft : Pet Rocks (rocks, upholstery samples for rugs, google eyes, tacky glue, feathers, pompoms, tissue paper)   Play Music: “Rock around the Clock”  #1+ on  Golden Era of Rock’n Roll 1954- (610 GOLD) Alt. Millenium Rock ‘n Roll Party (J610NEWM)

Display additional titles from 552’s (Rocks & Minerals)

Another music idea suggested by Ivy Harris Coleman:  Reading Rocks by Johnette Downing, on the CD Reading Rocks. Nice opening action/dance song.


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